Opportunities for solitude and recreation are a must for everybody. Camping in the wilderness, in areas which possess ecological, geological and other features of scientific, educational, scenic and historic value is one of the most enriching experiences.  Backpacking, camping, and hiking go hand in hand.

Backpacking – tramping, trekking or backcountry camping is a combination of hiking and camping. The backpacking trips are always hiking inspired.  These involve passing through extensive landscapes in relatively short periods of time and enduring physical and mental challenges that accompany these undertakings. Backpacking trips range from short one night trips to multi-day trips, some may start at one trailhead and end at another. Some backpackers set out on month-long distance end to end treks called thru-hikes. Popular thru hikes include Pacific Crest Trail and the Appalachian Trail. This style of camping requires the packers to minimize their excess into the essential comforts that are lightweight backpacks. All the joys of outdoor camping are involved in this type.

Another interesting type of camping is “car camping” It might be a pursuit of leisure, but such outdoor trips require less preparation than backpacking. It is mostly done at state and local parks around the US. Campsites also allow dispersed camping. And there are privately owned campgrounds too. It is a good step as a wilderness experience before tackling a backpacking trip. It is adventurous to park the car at a campsite, set up your tents. Family and friends can enjoy around the campfire taking day hikes, fishing and enjoying each other’s company. Car camping can also be accompanied by cycling. Cycles can be carried using bike racks built for SUV to the hills. Cycling on the hills through an intimidating task can be great for the mind and body.

A relatively newer method of recreation is Geocaching. It is fun, inexpensive and safe. It is a high tech version of treasure hunting. It combines the latest in the world of technology with one of the oldest sports around treasure hunting. Geocachers seek hidden treasures utilizing GPS coordinates. Small treasures or caches are hidden for the members of the sport to find. Once found, a cache may provide the visitor with a variety of rewards.

Recreation is a necessary part of life that refreshes and rejuvenates a person’s body and mind. Recreational activities help a person relax and decrease the effects of work-related and interpersonal stresses. They boost a person’s confidence due to the feelings of accomplishment and pride which one experiences when excelling at a particular activity. These types of activities also allow an individual to sharpen his communication, time management, motivational and disciplinary skills that can be used to enhance career and personal relationships.