It is all about what part the country do you want to stay in when researching inexpensive dude ranch vacations, are you thinking about a trip to a Texas ranch reminiscent of those wild west days, or maybe something more south western like New Mexico that offers a wonderful mix of Spanish, Indian, and western American culture.

Many inexpensive dude ranch vacations offer a variety low cost packages that include horse-riding lessons, trail riding, and even rides to historical location with guides. These guided rides bring to life the history of the wild west as you ride on the same trails made famous by legends of the past. If you and your family are experienced riders, then you may want to consider a dude ranch for an inexpensive family vacation.

These vacations offers a real wild west experience of camping on the range, and traveling to different locations along trails once used by the Pony Express, or maybe even locations of famous shootouts. There are inexpensive dude ranch vacations that will take you and your family across the prairie like so many settlers did on their way in search of land and a place to build a home. You could even visit the trail that the Donner family took through the Sierra Nevada Mountains, or maybe Little Sandy River in Wyoming.

With so much history to be explored choosing the right inexpensive dude ranch vacation could be hard, there are many historical societies that can help you decide on the perfect ranch to book your vacation, all you will have to do is request vacation information and compare each package with the family. The best dude ranch vacations can also be found in parts of California where the climate is perfect for riding in the summer time.

Many all inclusive dude ranch vacation packages are also available, and offer the most bang for the buck.  These are affordable family vacations and should not be overlooked. You should consider contacting a travel agent to find out what options are available.  As with most vacations rates it’s often cheaper in off-season months, and if you like the snow, there are many dude ranch vacation deals in parts of the United States that have special winter month programs. If you are not accustomed to sleeping out of doors, and novice horse rider, then you may choose something that offers programs close to the ranch itself.

Be sure to bring your digital camera along, as you will undoubtedly want to take pictures of almost everything. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to find the perfect inexpensive dude ranch vacation that will meet your budget, and offer all of the fun and excitement of the Wild West.

Several companies such as Audiostance and Ranch Rider hold annual ranch holiday competitions. You’ll have to visit their websites frequently to see when each competition starts and ends.