aboutus2Myself & my husband Mark started our Quarter horse interests at a young age although we did not acquire Peppy until a few years ago. We really started getting enthused about “cowhorses” during our “Team Penning days”.
Mark and Mary Lisa

We competed extensively east of the Mississippi winning several pocketfuls of money! We even won reserve at the Quarter Horse Congress the 1 year they had the Open Competition. (the really hard show was right after that at Hilliard though where the cattle were really wild – we won 3 out of 4 classes there$!$) It is definitely an exciting event requiring a cowey, very athletic, alert, intelligent horse.

During these years we really saw the value of a GOOD horse. Then one evening, while we were snowed in at a show at the Ag. Center in NC, Mark met a fellow who asked if he was interested in purchasing a stallion…,well, this horse “Peppy” was owned by a man who had become ill & was not recovering well after 2 yrs of difficulty. Peppy had been green broke and been stabled in a stall.

Our Team!
Mark wanted to see the Dry Doc / Little Peppy horse & flew down the following week to take a look.� Peppy came home with him!� He had a personality so like his father, Dry Doc, that we could train kids to ride on him! (after his hoof problems resolved from standing too long in the stall).

Since Peppy was too old (87′) for the Futurity / Derby competitions and had not had any training on cattle yet, we decided it was really too late to start him with a professional trainer. We would just breed him to see if he could produce like his bloodlines suggest he could.

Miss Turbo Dry

We needed a few mares – all we had were geldings! It took several years to get Peppy’s foals on the ground & old enough to see if they could perform. Just this year we placed 2 of his foals with professional trainers, 1 in reining & 1 in cutting. These 2 are pictured on the Front Page! So far, the cutter, “Dry Pepsan”-(3 yr old), has only competed once.

He finished 16th at the Quarter Horse Congress Open Cutting Futurity! The reining colt “Dry Habanero” -(3 yr old), competed in the Open Reining Futurity at the Tradition in Virginia (also with the “big boys”), and finished 21st in the Open & 11th in the Limited! He will be showing next at the NRHA Futurity in Oklahoma this fall where he will be offered for sale. We are planning to show Dry Pepsan at the Spring Spectacular next.

We placed 2 colts in professional training; 2 are definitely proving themselves- we do like these odds! We did not pick from a herd of colts, only 3. Peppy is finally well on his way to prove himself as a sire!

If you are interested in breeding for intelligence, agility, natural collection, & cow; Peppy is a good choice.

And, by the way, if you are not interested in waiting that long to own one of Peppy’s colts, see our “Colts For Sale” page…